Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Knitting Injury

Yes, it's happened again, not my shoulder this time, but in that same general area. And this time I'm blaming it on KIPing. Yes, this too.

I have one perfect chair in which to knit:

When my grandparents moved to Austin I appropriated this chair. It's perfect for me. It rocks (literally, it's a rocking chair). It is low to the ground so my feet can firmly and completely rest on the floor. It's cushy, though threadbare. And it has short armrests.

The armrests are the key, I think, to comfortable stitching. When I KIP, there are generally no armrests, thus adding strain and causing pain. What's a KIPer to do? On with the arnica and the Advil PM, and stitch some more.

P.S. Yes, that's another, bigger baby modeling a larger hat.


  1. I hope whatever knit related injury you may have that it heals super fast! Take care!

  2. Arnica rocks-also try St. John's wort oil massaged in. It is also called "Hypericum" (Latin) and I use it for areas that are nerve-rich (like slamming a finger in a car door).
    Go slow with Hypericum-it can make you sleepy.
    Take care!