Saturday, October 27, 2007

Color My World

The trees are finally turning, though slowly, and with fall yarns arriving too, color has been on my mind lately.

Brooke at Kirkwood Knittery said that the process of knitting was really the point of it all, but for me, it's all about choosing the perfect pattern in the perfect color. I don't actually have to do the project at all.

My color palette hearkens back to the Crayola box of 64, the one with the sharpener in the box. I never really used the crayons or the sharpener (I couldn't see the point in coloring books since the picture was already done, and I never felt the need to create pictures myself), but I loved looking at them. I also loved the romantic names. Midnight Blue. Burnt Sienna. Fuchsia. Exotic names, exotic spelling, exotic colors.

I look for those same colors whenever I enter a yarn store. There's a real dichotomy generally, between the muted colors of hand-dyed natural fibers, and the vivid colors of "fun" yarns. Now, I'm not a yarn snob at all - I'll knit with any fiber, man-made or natural. But I don't like working with boring yarn of insipid colors. Nor do I want to wear anything in those colors unless they are a background for something bright.

Color me vivid.

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