Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crying Uncle

After much deliberation, and unhappy knitting, I've decided to abandon my Secret of the Stole III. Being painfully honest, this project was doomed from the start. I undertook this undertaking to prove that I could complete a pattern exactly as written, without interjecting my own creativity except in color choice. Furthermore I couldn't even choose the pattern; it was revealed in pieces over 9 weeks.

I swatched with some yarn that my husband gave me for a gift. I even washed and blocked the swatch in compliance with my resolve to follow the rules.

This KAL began during the Ravelympics (more on this later), so I couldn't begin with the other enthusiastic knitters. And it involves intense concentration since each row is different, and the rows themselves are not necessarily symmetrical. When I finally got started, I made it almost through the first clue, then it percolated through some more knitting deadlines.

I picked it up again today during Meet The Press thinking that in the cerebral celebration of the election this stole might capture my interest again. Alas, it's just not happy knitting. I'm moving on to other yarns, other designs, other finishable objects.


  1. I did the Mystery Stole along last year and quit after 3 clues. I was way behind, feeling pressured, and pissy. I was relieved when I decided to bag the whole thing.

  2. Crying? No, learning from a new experience. This project may not have been the one for you to knit as a mystery. Perhaps the next one that comes your way may hit the timing just right. Regardless, it is the learning and the attempt that matters in the long run. Glad to have had you in the group and I hope you will not hesitate to join the next one, next year. Until then, Fair Winds...

  3. Some people follow patterns others blaze a trail for the rest of us sheep to follow! Lead on!