Saturday, November 1, 2008

Up to the Challenge

I'm taking the gauntlet of the November blog challenge, so here I am, an agent for change. I also hope that increased time at the computer will curtail the startitis from which I've been suffering lately. The feeling is so strong I've been creating objects I'll never use. While one might think that's generous, philanthropic and selfless, the manifestation is, in reality, only a means of postponing the inevitable, guile masquerading as beneficence.

Let's first catch up with the spring and summer past. Using some wonderful Bamboo from Ornaghi Filati, and a pattern by Robyn Chachula (crochetbyfaye), I crocheted the Empress Baby Doll Sweater. The top is worked in one piece from back, over the shoulders, and down the front - an ingenious construction. Then the skirt is done in the round in a delicious lace pattern. The colorway reminds me of raspberry swirl ice cream! Though bamboo notoriously stretches, the structure of crochet inhibits this property, and the sweater is still in great shape after many outings. Robyn is one of the great crochet designers, with her first book just published, Blueprint Crochet and I expect to make at least three patterns soon.

Crocheting is finally catching up with knitting as a respectable pastime, thanks to new designers who won't settle for groovy crochet. Yes, I did my share of groovy crochet, but that was 30 years ago, and granny squares have thankfully evolved into modular crochet. Look for more crochet as the November Challenge continues.

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