Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tragedy at Target

Who knew that a plaintive "Sweetheart, I'm out of shampoo" could lead to such heartache?

With a light heart I dropped him off at work, and set out to shop at Target. I even remembered the gift card that I got during my last shopping trip because I bought 2 packages of Charmin. The sun was shining, and I didn't anticipate crowds. Then the world turned upside down.

I pulled up to the parking garage, but the gate was down. Horrors! One might say, "But rms, it's okay, since it's cold outside and the sun is shining, your car will stay warm by parking outside." One would be correct, of course, but one would be missing the point entirely. The real reason to go to this particular Target is to use the shopping cartscelator.

Even if I only purchase 1 item (not that I'm capable of purchasing only 1 item, anywhere) I would use a shopping cart for the sheer entertainment value of sending it on its way down the specially invented escalator. It just never gets old. Yet, today I didn't get to experience that joy, that thrill of seeing something so frivolous but so perfect, that childish excitement of witnessing something cool.

Dare I say, the shopper missed the target today?

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  1. haaaaaaaaaaaaa. I dig the cartscelerator too. It is the small things baby!!!!