Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Descending Pike's Peak or Why I Still Hate this Yarn

I wore my Pike for the first time this week. Loved the feel, the drape, and the look. Got home, took it off, and found little burgundy flecks all over my clothes, car seat, household furniture - in short, every surface I touched.

So I said to myself, "Self, you should probably wash and block this vest, as all responsible knitters should do." Put the vest into water and began agitating. Immediately I had a bowlful of rose colored water, and blobs of Nature Cotton. The damn thing was molting in my hands!

I have a little repair work to do now to fill in some threadbare areas, and then we'll see if it survives it's second day on my shoulders.


  1. I'm working on the Peruvian Pike Vest. I'm having a little trouble undertanding the cable pattern.

    Braided Cable Pattern. (worked over 15 sts)

    ROW5: CB10: sL 5 sts to CN and hold in back, k5 then k5 from cn.
    ROW11: CF10: SL 5 STS TO CN AND HOLD IN FRONT, K5 then k5 from CN.

    I'm following the pattern but the cable does not look rigth. I wonder that the reason is the cable pattern is working over 15 sts.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  2. You need the additional 5 stitches in the row to complete the 15. In row 5, the first 5 sts are knit, then you do the CB10. In Row 11, you do the CF10 first, then then k5. Those trailing/leading stitches are what move the cable.

    Make sense?