Monday, December 31, 2007

The Obligatory Year End Review

Being part of a weekly knit-in has certainly increased my FO production during 2007, so here, boastfully, they are.

This cropped chenille sweater was knitted during 2 election days in the spring. Unfortunately our voters stayed away in droves, even for a school board election in a year which saw state takeover of our public schools. The 14 hour day of an election judge is incredibly long when only 150 voters turn out, so the sweater was finished in good time. The roving deputies checked on my progress as they checked the tallies!! I added the cables to make it less boring. The red chosen is not political, it's just a fabulous deep red, and the chenille is incredibly soft, making for a warm and cheerful addition to the winter wardrobe.

Banana Bay was a quick weekend crochet project with very soft cotton yarn from my stash. I believe this has been in my collection for almost 20 years, picked up on sale for $1.00 per skein.

LaToya marked the first sweater from Berroco's free patterns (I seem to be drawn to their designs like Carrie Bradshaw to a shoe shop). This was really fun, quick, and I love the interesting cable detail. If ever a pattern was made to be done more than once, this is it. Next time, however, I'll change the neckline and straps for a more adult figure. This cotton thread is also from my stash, even older than the Banana Bay cotton and was part of a crocheted sweater never finished, and frogged to make LaToya. There's a complementary peach thread which I made into a ribbed shrug to wear along with it, but I haven't managed to seam it yet.

This shrug pattern is from Mango Moon, worked in NoroSilk boucle. I love interesting colors and textures, but they don't lend themselves well to interesting patterns, so this was boring to make, but fun to wear.

Pike and Ladylike Cropped Jacket and my sister's Scarf are detailed in earlier posts, and there's not really anything more to say about them.

I finished my first ever knitted hat in about 1 day; my hubby proudly wears it to work, as the color was specifically chosen so he could wear it with his NPS uniform. Boring to do, but quick, so there may be more hats on my needles in 2007.

Eight finished projects, five others well begun. All in all a productive 2007.

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