Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings, or How the Yarn Feels in My Fingers

After a month of working with the Malabrigo Silky Merino on my Belle Epoque Sweater, it's hard to go back to the Classic Elite Flash of Melody Bolero. So why did I stop? Because I'm bored with Belle Epoque, and needed a little break. And what I really want to do is start working with the Cascade Venezia, but I need the needles from Melody. Yes, I could put it on a stitch holder, but that seems too much like giving up, so my goal is to finish the back this week and liberate the needles.

This all ties together with a question from my husband: Why aren't I working on spring/summer sweaters now, so they'll be ready in time for the season? A very interesting observation from him, not to mention unusually observant. I just finished a Fuzzy Scarf for my sister's birthday, and can't imagine working with that yarn or having that warmth in my lap during July. It's cold outside, and sometimes a little chilly inside (energy conservation), and the soft woolens feel snuggly and comforting, even if they're not really wearable.

I suppose it also should be incentive to knit faster!

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